West Midlands Feminist Heroes

West Midlands Feminist Heroes celebrates local heroes, both in the past and present. If you would like to have your Feminist Hero featured, get permission from them and then send a photo or drawing of them with some writing about why they are your hero.

Meet Feminist Hero Baraa Yousif, nominated by Beth


“I first got to know Baraa in 2015, when I was working on health projects at The Refugee and Migrant Centre in Wolverhampton. We were receiving many asylum seekers who spoke Arabic, and were in need of skilled multi-lingual caseworkers who could support clients to access health care in the UK. Baraa was volunteering in this role at the time (though she now works at RMC with Syrian families). I’m putting her forward as my feminist hero for the quiet dedication and joy she took in putting our clients at ease, and communicating information clearly and compassionately. I remember our Latent TB clinics were always full when she had been recruiting! But more than this, I remember her routinely committing hours to working with young women who were new to the Black Country to feel settled, to reassure them, to make sure they had a midwife, that their kids were thriving, to make sure they knew what do when navigating the strange new world of Wolverhampton. I’m proud to call Baraa a friend now, and we work together as part of Feminists Work for Change to look at ways to support migrant women experiencing domestic violence. But she has been quietly supporting newcomers to the UK for years, and definitely deserves some recognition as a West Midlands Feminist Hero.”