We are a West Midlands based feminist group working for women, inclusive of trans and non binary people, active since 2017. We work alongside other organisations and individuals to address issues affecting the lives of women and girls, creating change positive change in the immediate and longer term.

We welcome a diverse range of women, trans people and gender non-conforming folks from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds.

Feminists Work For Change will:

BACK UP: Support local groups and people who are already doing effective work for women in the region, offering our time, voices and skills to help them progress and succeed.

ELEVATE: Link into a UK-wide network of feminists campaigning nationally, strengthening their messages by promoting, petitioning and supporting them through our own networks and contacts.

ORGANISE: Collectively identify the gaps in provision facing women and girls in the West Midlands. Putting our ideas, experience, energy and effort into effective use, we aim to deliver positive solutions that can make a difference.

We welcome CIS men’s support in all areas except at planning meetings. We believe that women, trans people and gender non-conforming folks need to be at the forefront of the move to dismantle the patriarchy and therefore we need safe, collective spaces where we can organise, share our experiences, learn from each other and support one another.

For more information, email Katy at feministsworkforchange@gmail.com.