Feminist Clapback

Feminist Clapback is an experiment in how we as feminists can become more articulate in our responses to the sexism we encounter from everyone from strangers to friends, colleagues and family.

It can be stressful, tongue-tying and infuriating to respond to everyday sexism in the moment. Collectively we can come up with some great responses that might help us to constructively tackle similar sexist talk in the future.

Episode One (February 2019)

I was out with a male friend and we got talking about how I was worried about having children. I said there should be better provision and support for women to take time off to have a baby. I feel like your career can suffer if you have a break, and of course it can affect you financially (I am self employed, which is another part of all this!) He disagreed saying that it is a choice to have kids. He said it’s comparable to a gap year. He’d had a gap year in his 20s and it hadn’t affected his career.”

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