FWFC at the Women’s Strike 8th March 2018

We were so proud to protest and walk in solidarity with everyone who attended the Women’s Strike at Victoria Square in Birmingham on 8th March. There was a strong and inspirational turnout with speakers from Save Birmingham Nurseries, the Kurdish Women of Birmingham, Aston University UCU, University of Birmingham’s Women’s Officer, The Labour Party, Momentum Birmingham, Birmingham Sisters Uncut and Feminists Work For Change, talking about the many issues affecting women and non binary people in the West Midlands. Thank you to Feminist Action Brum, Plan C Birmingham and Women’s Strike UK for their hard work organising everything!

For those who missed us, here’s what we had to say:

We are Feminists Work For Change, we are a working group for the West Midlands. We want to create positive change by working independently and co-operatively alongside other groups, organisations, campaigns and individuals to address issues affecting the lives of women, girls and transgender people.

We are striking today because of the chronic underfunding and cuts to women’s refuges, making it harder or impossible for women to access services and to leave situations of domestic violence. Because domestic violence is so prevalent, we need women’s refuges.

We are striking because we are deeply angry about the position of migrant and asylum seeking women in our society, the xenophobia they face, the systematic failures, and the extra vulnerabilities of women with no recourse to public funds.

We are striking because women in public spaces, on Broad Street, on public transport, and in the workplace are harassed verbally, physically and sexually because of their gender and this situation is getting worse.

We are striking for better, meaningful and inclusive relationship and sex education, so that our children and young people grow up feeling confident, respected and valued, with a genuine understanding of different identities, genders and sexualities and – essentially – understanding consent.

Feminists Work For Change BACK UP local groups and people who are already doing effective work for women in the region, offering our time, voices and skills to help them make change happen.

We ELEVATE the work of feminists campaigning nationally, strengthening their messages by supporting them through our own work and networks.

We ORGANISE by collectively identifying the urgent issues and gaps in provision facing women in the West Midlands, putting our ideas, experience, energy and efforts into effective use.

For this work to be transformative, we need people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities, so if you want to get involved please talk to us, contact us, join us, help us do the work.