This isn’t what love should feel like: available as a free health & wellbeing resource for UK universities

We are currently working to make the digital download of This isn’t what love should feel like easily accessible to students and staff at UK universities. Do you work at a university? Help us get this resource to the right people!

This isn’t what love should feel like has been produced by FWFC working with Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid and writer Nafeesa Hamid. The aim of this resource is to help more people to understand and recognise domestic abuse, and to access support. It combines factual information with poetry, myth busting, helplines, advice on how to offer support to someone who may be experiencing domestic abuse, and what to do if you are worried about your own relationship. The resource is also a call to action, aiming to change the outdated conversation around domestic abuse. It offers ideas and guidance useful to anyone of any gender who wants to be an ally, and join the movement to end domestic abuse.

This isn’t what love should feel like includes information about UK domestic abuse helplines, webchat and email support services for adults of all ages, gender identities and sexual orientations.

The free pdf of This isn’t what love should feel like can be easily uploaded to the university intranet and other digital spaces accessed by students and staff. The resource can work alongside any existing provision or procedures that your university has in place to support people experiencing domestic abuse.

To help you make This isn’t what love should feel like part of your university’s health & wellbeing support offer, contact Katy for more information.

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