Voices from the Frontline, a new book by Baobab Women’s Project

Baobab Women’s Project have released Voices from the Frontline, a powerful new book about the lived experiences of women asylum seekers and refugees going through the asylum process, and the impact this has on their mental health.

Written in their own words and ways, Voices from the Frontline includes information, quotes, writing, poetry, artwork and photographs, telling the stories of women living in an impossible situation between a traumatic past and an uncertain future.

By reading the book, Baobab Women’s Project hope that people will better understand and feel empowered to challenge the structures and attitudes that lead to poor mental health and suffering within the asylum process and our communities.

The book includes artworks created for EMPOWER BAB in our workshop with Baobab Women’s Project last year, which were sold to raise funds for the vital support and services that they provide.

Voices from the Frontline (£10) is available directly from Baobab Women’s Project, email volunteer@baobabwomen.co.uk to order your copy.

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