Planning meeting summary: 7th July 2019 @ Grand Union, Birmingham

Thank you to Grand Union for generously hosting our planning meeting!

BACK UP: Art / craft / cooking in women’s refuges
FWFC will soon be working on a cooking project with BSWA (Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid). We are also piloting an art project leading to a more substantial project in Winter 2019/2020. BSWA really value the arts and see how much difference it can make to the women they work with. The art project will also be used as a vehicle for talking more widely about domestic violence and abuse, and about women’s inequality.

BACK UP: Good Night Out Campaign update
The Good Night Out (GNO) Campaign is an independent, international initiative dedicated to helping the night-time economy deal with, tackle and prevent harassment. They do this by helping licensed premises adopt best practice policies through a poster campaign and the provision of specialist training. Funding has been secured by GNO for work in Birmingham, which will be supported by FWFC. FWFC have been working to identify venues in the city where GNO campaigns are needed.

ELEVATE: Women and the revolution in Sudan
FWFC have been learning about the background to the Sudanese revolution and recent massacre, and the role of female revolutionary icons who have had a huge impact during the revolution #BlueForSudan: Find out more here: A Women’s Revolution: Why Women are Leading Calls for Change in Sudan, Kandaka: Resurrecting the Sudanese Queens, Alaa Salah

ELEVATE: Sex & Relationship Education
SEEDS (Supporting Education of Equality and Diversity in Schools) are a recently formed group promoting equality and diversity in schools, including LGBTQI identities and relationships, connect with them through their fb group.

ELEVATE: Our Streets Now
Our Streets Now is an instagram campaign set up by two sisters – 14 & 20 – who are petitioning the government to make street harrassment illegal. Their campaign has gained huge momentum, please support @ourstreetsnow

ORGANISE: Fundraising
Baobab Women’s Project will be FWFC’s fundraising beneficiary for the next year. They support undocumented and asylum seeking women in lots of ways and we look forward to supporting them through our work. FWFC will have a stall at Grand Union’s studio sale as part of Digbeth First Friday on Friday 2nd August, where we will be selling our own merchandise, all proceeds will go towards Baobab Women’s Project.

ORGANISE: Feminist Clapback
Feminist Clapback is now online! Also check out Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates (in the FWFC Library) and the Brazilian documentary Enough with Catcalling by Fernanda Frazao, Amanda Kamanchek & Lucas Kendy de Silva Kakuda.

ORGANISE: Feminist Library
The Feminist Library is nicely stocked at the moment! Members can donate books and borrow them at meetings. Thank you to everyone who has recently donated!

Date for next meeting:
The next planning meeting will be in Autumn 2019 in Birmingham. If you are interested in finding out more or coming along, get in touch here.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along and for all the great work you’ve been doing!



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