Planning meeting summary: 9th December 2018 @ Gas Hall, BMAG

Firstly thank you so much to BMAG for providing a brilliant space to meet in!

We recapped on how the work in FWFC works so that members feel confident about how they can be involved, how they can initiate and move forward with their own ideas and also feel comfortable about their limitations. We also revisited the back up, elevate, organise framework which offers a broad scope for work: not repeating good work already being done and meaning we can be involved in a wide range of work locally and nationally, and develop our own.

BACK UP: Art in West Midlands Women’s Refuges + new cooking initiative
This work will be picked up again in 2019 by the sub-group when there is more time to develop and fundraise for the project, and we will get things moving for one of our members to work on a cooking project with women in refuge.

BACK UP: Good Night Out Campaign
The Good Night Out Campaign is an independent, international initiative dedicated to helping the night-time economy deal with, tackle and prevent harassment. They do this by helping licensed premises adopt best practice policies through a poster campaign and the provision of specialist training. A sub-group meeting for those interested in working on this will take place in March, which will clarify FWFC role supporting the work planned for Birmingham.

ELEVATE: New SRE curriculum: LGBT sex & relationships education
We discussed the recent consultation circulated to the group re. the new Sex and Relationships Education Curriculum and the optional teaching of LGBT sex and relationship ed in English schools being proposed by the government. Scotland are the first country to make the teaching of LGBT history, identity and relationships mandatory in all schools and the group discussed the importance of the curriculum in England not being compromised – currently it is looking to be heavily compromised by optional teaching of LGBT sex and relationship education (and possibly also other crucial areas) in all schools. Members will research current curriculum requirements and identify the current status of the government’s new SRE curriculum, and work to connect with groups working to implement mandatory teaching of LGBT sex and relationship education, such as Level Up.


ORGANISE: Safe Transport Working Group
At the last meeting the issue of safe transport was raised, especially in relation to travelling home from the FWFC event in Digbeth. The group agreed that Digbeth felt particularly dangerous since the start of the redevelopment. One of our members is connected to a group working to improve safety for residents and visitors and will raise the issue of women’s safety at the next meeting. One of our members will find out if a women-only bookable taxi service operates in Birmingham.

ORGANISE: New Fundraising Beneficiary
FWFC have decided to choose a new fundraising beneficiary and agreed to go for a small charity where funds would make most impact. Further work to find a beneficiary will happen on Instagram stories and through other networks.

ORGANISE: Feminist Clapback
One of our members raised the possibility of starting a forum for people to get support in responding to everyday sexism. The group agreed that the feeling of shock/surprise when a friend, family member or colleague says something sexist sometimes leaves you unsure how to respond. Our member will start the process on email with other members as a first stage, and will see how this goes.

ORGANISE: FWFC Feminist Library

Trans Inclusivity Discussion
The group discussed the importance of being an inclusive space. We collectively agree that ‘trans women are women’. While we think it’s important that people can talk and learn about trans issues and have differing opinions, trans exclusionary viewpoints are not welcome in the group.

The next FWFC planning meeting will take place on Sunday 3rd March 2019, 2 – 4pm at Gas Hall, BMAG in Birmingham. Contact us if you would like to come along!

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the meeting and everyone who is getting involved and doing FWFC work!!!





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