Feminists Work For Change, First Meeting Summary

Feminists Work for Change: First Meeting, 24th June 2017, Centrala

A very big thank you to everyone who attended this meeting.

The group decided we want to BACK UP:

Women’s Refuges: Carrying out a scoping exercise to find out who is already working with / in contact refuges and what specific support could be provided – fundraising, donations, befriending, other work etc.

ESOL language classes: Researching women only classes in the region, who does or could provide them/ research / work into developing childcare (particularly for mothers with children under 2 years).

Other people doing good things who we want to back up:
Balsall Heath WI / Odara / Saheli Hub / Birmingham Sisters Uncut / Women In Tech

(BACK UP: Support local groups and people who are already doing effective
work for women in the region, offering our time, voices and skills to help them progress and succeed)

We want to ELEVATE:

Relationships and Sex Education & Relationships Education:connect with the Sex Education Forum who offer a range of services around sex education and are major
campaigners on the issue.

DUP Resistance: A major threat to the future of women, it is essential for FWFC to support the DUP resistance movement, to connect with organisations such as the London-Irish ARC for info on local groups/individuals campaigns

Campaigns for increased free childcare provision for women, enabling them to access work and education/ research different way of thinking about childcare.

(ELEVATE: Link into a UK-wide network of feminists campaigning
nationally, strengthening their messages by promoting, petitioning and
supporting them through our own networks and contacts.)

We want to ORGANISE:

Social activities that are good fundraising opportunities/DJ nights at local venues etc., opportunities to get together socially

Skill sharing and meetings for women in the West Midlands

Research into equal pay and scale of pay for women in the West

Lobbying the BBC: writing to and petitioning the BBC about gender roles and representation of diversity in relation to women in their children’s programming.

(ORGANISE: Collectively identify the urgent issues and gaps in provision
facing women and girls in the West Midlands. Putting our ideas, experience, energy and effort into effective use, we aim to deliver positive solutions that can make a difference)

Get in contact if you want to work on any of the above with us: feministsworkforchange@gmail.com

Date for next meeting: Saturday 30 September, 2 – 4pm at Centrala in Digbeth.

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