Saturday 24 June, 2-4pm at Centrala in Birmingham

Feminists Work For Change is a new feminist working group based in the West Midlands. We invite you to join us at our first meeting on Saturday 24 June, 2 – 4pm at Centrala in Digbeth, Birmingham.

A newly formed working group, Feminists Work For Change will provide a space for you to meet other local feminists who want to improve the lives of women, girls and gender non-conforming folk regionally and nationally. This first meeting will offer an opportunity for you to get involved in the group from the beginning.

Feminists Work For Change invites you to:

•    highlight specific areas where you think change needs to happen for women and girls – both in the West Midlands and nationally
•    raise awareness of issues close to you that affect you and / or other women: who you know, who you work with or whose situations you are aware of
•    tell us about or share your knowledge of groups already working in the region doing work we could support
•    contribute your ideas, skills, enthusiasm, energy and passion for change
•    share your views and ideas about how you think the group could work

We welcome a diverse range of women and gender non-conforming folks from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, age groups, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds.

We welcome CIS men’s support in all areas except at planning meetings. We believe that women, trans people and gender non-conforming folks need to be at the forefront of the move to dismantle the patriarchy and therefore we need safe, collective spaces where we can organise, share our experiences, learn from each other and support one another.

Email to let us know if you would like to attend. If you are not able to come along but would like to get involved, contribute your thoughts and ideas or just find out how the meeting went, get in touch!

Centrala, Unit 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RT.

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